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Natasha Tsakos premieres the first iteration of UP WAKE in 2004, a live animated show. She completes the final iteration in 2007. UP WAKE is the first production scheduled to inaugurate the Adrienne Arsht Center’ theatre.
Natasha performs in front of 90 million spectators with Cirque du Soleil at the Super Bowl XLI Opening Ceremony.
Natasha creates The PALIN SHOW, a full evening production performed on the eve of election day. The PALIN SHOW is a series of Sarah Palin's notorious interviews mashed with iconic pop songs, escalating into a hilarious burlesque.
Natasha Tsakos is a keynote speaker at the TED conference in Long Beach, CA in 2009.
Natasha is selected to be one of 100 agents for the Fiesta Movement, a grassroots social media campaign which generates over 4.3 M YouTube views, and 3 M Twitter impressions. She creates 6 commercial length films for which she wins the "Best Body of Work" Award.
Natasha is part of a NASA experiment lead by Dr. Bill & Patricia Cowings at Johnson Space Center in Houston. She completes the Hyperbaric chamber test and flies the DC9 Lunar Parabolic Flight. She receives the NASA Certificate of Training for the Physiological Training Course with Chamber Flight to FL250.
After the catastrophic earthquake hits Haiti, Natasha and Lucky Bruno join forces with ngo EcoWorks International and spend a week in camps, orphanages and hospitals bringing laughter and joy to those in need.
Natasha creates CLIMAX, a poignant multimedia show about the environmental and financial crisis. CLIMAX opened the Art Directors Club award ceremony, Sustainatopia Awards 2012 & 2013, and Al Gore’ satellite Climate Reality Project, amongst others.
In 2010 Natasha Tsakos wows audiences as an Opening & Closing Speaker/Performer at the IBM Summit in Bali, Indonesia.
Natasha is a keynote speaker at the "Ciudad de Las Ideas Conference" in Puebla, Mexico both in 2009 & 2010.
Natasha performs her show CLIMAX a the G20 Summit in 2012.
Natasha creates her next show OMEN which sprints through 5 billion years of history in 20:14 minutes integrating data visualization and 3D projection mapping.
Natasha is commissioned by The Governor's School for the Arts in Virginia to create their 25th anniversary gala show. She premieres "ZO" an 1.5 hour production integrating and featuring all 355 young talents of GSA from across disciplines a year later.
Discovery Channel commissions Natasha to create a live show for the Discovery Hispanic Upfront in New York.
Discovery Channel commissions Natasha to create a live show. She creates SUPER INTENSO premiering at the Gotham Hall on Broadway SUPER INTENS! was also performed for Discovery Channel Brazil's 30th anniversary in Sao Paolo.
Natasha Tsakos is commissioned by International Ad Agency CIRCUS and creates QUARRY, a bombastic production incorporating a 200 foot screen set behind 15 foot cylinders, IMAG projections, and 15 performers.
Tsakos is a finalist for the World Technology Awards 2013 presented in association with CNN, Time and Fortune Magazine, at the Time Lifebuilding in New York City.
Natasha is a Keynote speaker at TEDx BROADWAY in New York. She introduces the idea of a system upgrade for Theater.
Natasha publishes her books "The Lost Architect" and "COLOURS, a nonsense". "COLOURS" the art book, e-book, kindle and audiobook available on Amazon and iTunes.